Slot Overview: Multi-Joker PopWins

Multi Joker PopWins, developed by software company Stakelogic, is proof that you can’t keep a good joker down. Multi Joker PopWins is a redo, remake, or upgrade of Joker Drop PopWins, Stakelogic’s first “official” PopWins licensed game from AvatarUX, so if the screenshots appear familiar, that’s because they are. The new name isn’t the only thing that’s different; free spins multipliers, features, and other details have all been modified. Is it better, worse, or the same as before? It’s time to discover the answer.

The visual style of the game has remained mostly unchanged, which will please fans of the more traditional feel of Joker Drop PopWins. Stakelogic has been less daring, opting instead for more conventional iconographies like fruit and sweets, whereas AvatarUX is buzzing about experimenting on a wide variety of themes. This feature might be implemented for slot machines in general, not simply PopWins machines. The company has found great success with games that have a throwback aesthetic and prominently incorporate jokers, lucky sevens, and similar symbols. Players of Multi Joker PopWins enjoy an EDM sound, bright lights, and a central game panel set against a background of fruit and diamonds. It’s a little too generic in spots, but not in a terrible manner; rather, it’s too generic in a safe, familiar sense.

Each spin begins on a matrix of 5 reels and 4 rows that expands when winnings occur in the base game. Since winning combinations pay either left to right or right to left, the default size provides 2,048 ways to win. Keep in mind that five of a type only pays out once. There are four different RTP setups in the game, and the values are clearly noted in the rules so players know what they’re receiving as the game progresses. Bets ranging from 20 percent up to £/€20 can be chosen right before the game begins.

The same icons from Joker Drop PopWins are utilized again, and their values have not changed. They’re ten-The lowest-value tiles are represented by a card, while the highest-value tiles include either cherries, limes, pears, plums, oranges, grapes, watermelons, or sevens. If you get five of a type, you win the pot. Royal Flush: 0.5–0.6x the stake; Flush+Five Premiums: 0.75-0.5x the bet. The jovial fellow dresses up the wild sign, which stands in for all others save the scatter.

Slot Functions, Multi-Joker PopWins

If you’re unfamiliar with the PopWins mechanism or just want a reminder, here’s how it operates. The symbols comprising a winning combination are swapped out with two new ones whenever a win occurs. Because of this, the height of the matching reels and the number of paylines both rise. For the next real-money spin, the reels will shrink back to the standard size of seven spots, as is the case in the game’s default mode. When the reels are at their maximum height, just one new symbol is used to replace a winning symbol.

This is a Diamond Measurement Device

The Diamond Meter is one of three such meters included in the game’s default configuration. On the meter, you may gather little diamond tokens that appear at random above symbols. If you get five diamonds in one spin, reels 2, 3, and 4 will all be filled with wild diamond symbols. When you do this, the meter resets between turns.

Money Counter

When crown tokens appear on primary symbols, they can be picked up as well. Coin symbols award money when the Coin Meter has been filled with five crown tokens in a single spin. After being triggered and in between spins, the meter is cleared.

Bonus Turns

When all five reels in the base game are at the seventh position, the third meter is full. When this occurs, the bonus spins round begins. Once activated, a wheel spin awards between 8 and 15 free spins with a random multiplier. Multipliers of x2–x10 may be won on Wheel 1, while multipliers of x5–x15 can be won on Wheel 2, and multipliers of x10–x25 can be won on Wheel 3. During free games, the grid stays at a fixed height of 7 symbols. Moreover, up to x100 multiplier symbols might fall. If more than one multiplier symbol appears, all of its values are added to the win multiplier.

High Roller Bet

Scatter symbols are added to reels 2, 3, and 4 during free spins if the Super Stake feature is used, doubling the stake. When you get three scatters, you get five extra spins.

To Purchase a Bonus

A player who meets the requirements can click this button to purchase more spins. There are four options, and each one can earn you up to fifteen free games. With Super Stake disabled, your betting possibilities are reduced to 100x, 200x, 400x, or 180x the initial wager with multipliers of up to x10, x15, or x25, respectively. When the Super Stake mode is activated, prices change.

Slot Machine Multi-Joker PopWins Analysis

Stakelogic has released their fourth PopWins slot, Multi Joker PopWins, and while they have a ways to go before they catch up to AvatarUX’s total, they are making fantastic progress. These officially-sanctioned PopWins slot machines haven’t exactly been exploding with fresh ideas and originality thus far. Or maybe Stakelogic is just ok sticking to the kinds of subjects it knows how to make games about and isn’t interested in trying something new. It’s unclear why, but it seems like Stakelogic has only used PopWins for relatively harmless themes, like jokers and sweets, thus far. Not only that, but Multi Joker PopWins is simply Joker Drop with a few changes and a lower maximum win. Despite criticisms that it is too similar to its predecessor or lacks originality, Multi Joker PopWins is still a fun and rewarding game to engage in.

Multi Joker PopWins has some cool features that make it a fun game to play. Again, nothing too horrifying to halt the action for, but still enjoyable. This happened, for instance, because of the multiplier symbols and the win multiplier during the free spins bonus round. Although multiplier symbols have been there for quite some time, it is unusual for so many respectable values to suddenly drop. Of course, this is relative, since players shouldn’t anticipate a multiplier of 100 on every spin; perhaps we were simply lucky. Whatever the case may be, Multi Joker PopWins stands out because to the frequency with which solid values are hit. Perhaps the player was just having a very lucky day, but Multi Joker PopWins was still a good time. The decrease in possible winnings from the original’s 20,472x to Multi Joker PopWins’ 10,000x is disappointing.

Back to the first point again, I was a little disappointed that the art and music team didn’t come up with anything a little more unique to complement the great features, but then again, it is a makeover game. Those who enjoy slots with a contemporary spin on a classic theme should be pleased with Stakelogic’s latest creation. For others, it would be refreshing to see Stakelogic remove the creative blinders and offer something a little bolder and wilder than the usual fare of jokers, sweets, and the Runner Runner thing.






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